Let’s build a more creative world with Untitled!

Untitled is a place for Young Creators to learn and collaborate with brands, celebrities and educators :)

Open for Submissions

Make It Last! Design Eco-friendly Merch for The Academic

The Academic is giving YOU the chance to design a completely sustainable, eco-friendly t-shirt, poster, band sticker or guitar pick and win some incredible prizes!

Open for Submissions

Aurora: As I See Her - Show us how you see Aurora and her music through an artistic medium of your choice!

We’d love you to send your unique artist’s impression of Aurora 'as you see her'. This might be a drawing, painting, cartoon, sculpture, photograph, 3D print or graphic drawing.

Open for Submissions

Let Them Know! - Let Us Know what makes you special and show Mabel your special talent!

For this brief, we want you to let us know what makes you special and what your special talent is. You can use any creative medium you like and all you need to do is record a video of your talent.

Open for Submissions

Create a Creative Writing Piece Inspired by Mae Muller's New Single 'Better Days'

English singer-songwriter Mae Muller wants you to use her single 'Better Days' as creative inspiration and submit a piece of creative writing about what Better Days ahead would look like to you!

Open for Submissions

Get Creative about Climate Change!

Show us how you can create a cleaner, healthier world using your art skills! It can be drawing, painting, digital artwork or photography - we just want you to share your ideas for a better planet via your artistic talents!

Submissions in Review

Show us your skills with Unreal Engine!

We are happy to announce this brand new brief about gaming and programming! We want young creators aged 13 and over to take a lesson with Unreal Engine. Show us your skills!

Creators Selected

Try out creative writing for Fulham FC Foundation

Create a piece of creative writing with a drawing about mental health for Fulham FC Foundation!


Seeking Kid Creative Director for Kids Creative Studio (Inspired by LEGO® VIDIYO™)

Submit a video or pictures telling us about yourself, how you unleash your creativity, and what you know (or love) about LEGO®.

Introducing: The First-Ever Kid Creative Director for Kids Creative Studio (Inspired by LEGO® VIDIYO™)

We're excited to announce the first ever Kid Creative Director for Kids Creative Studio (Inspired by LEGO® VIDIYO™) and celebrate our runner ups as well!

Augment your imagination by joining our free course with Facebook Spark AR

With an exciting new course brought to you by Facebook Spark AR, you can learn to create your own filters in seven hours via this innovative partnership

Getting started: How to kickstart your imagination

Some top tips for overcoming creative block and getting started on our Fulham FC Foundation brief about mental health

Untitled passion in progress

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