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Worried about your job prospects? The Future Leaders Project is for you

Giving you the resources and inspiration you need to create extraordinary lives, and become extraordinary leaders

Introducing: The First-Ever Kid Creative Director for Kids Creative Studio (Inspired by LEGO® VIDIYO™)

We're excited to announce the first ever Kid Creative Director for Kids Creative Studio (Inspired by LEGO® VIDIYO™) and celebrate our runner ups as well!

Augment your imagination by joining our free course with Facebook Spark AR

With an exciting new course brought to you by Facebook Spark AR, you can learn to create your own filters in seven hours via this innovative partnership

Getting started: How to kickstart your imagination

Some top tips for overcoming creative block and getting started on our Fulham FC Foundation brief about mental health

How to make it big in the art world with Alaia De Santis

Fancy yourself an up-and-coming artist? 22 year old creative Alaia De Santis gave us some top tips and tricks to help you succeed in the art industry.

LEGO Ninjago Design Manager Michael Svane Knap on inspiration

Michael Svane Knap Design Manager, LEGO Ninjago, on toys, inspiration, and bridging media…

Talking social media success and online art with Paperboyo

We spoke to Rich McCor about creating a successful brand, learning as you go, and grinding to get to where he is today.

Five Things You Should Know if You Want To Be a Toy Inventor

Failure is a good thing and it's time to start doing nothing