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With hype from the likes of Billie Eilish and the Chemical Brothers, two albums under her belt and a voice to remember, it’s easy to see why AURORA has gathered so much attention - but how much do you really know about the Norwegian born singer-songwriter? With our new creative brief calling for your artistic interpretation of AURORA, we wanted to introduce you to the angel-voiced icon. 


Now 25, the folk-pop artist, AURORA, grew up loving music and started writing words to piano chords from an early age. With a huge range of influences like Bob Dylan, Kate Bush, and Leonard Cohen, she quickly developed a unique sound, but initially wasn’t keen to share her songs with the world! It wasn’t until a video of AURORA singing at her school leaving ceremony was shared online, gaining thousands of views and spotted by a Norwegian management company, that AURORA considered being an artist full-time. But, even after starting a career in music, it took a while for her to feel comfortable on stage, telling Ja Ja Ja Magazine: "I don’t think I was born to be an entertainer, I used to really be afraid of playing live on-stage. Obviously, it’s terrifying! But now I’ve learned to not focus on myself, cause it’s not about me. Now I only think about giving everyone the best experience. A magic moment."  

Since then, she’s released two albums, featured on Chemical Brothers’ tracks, covered Oasis’ ‘Half the World Away' for the John Lewis Christmas advert, and amassed thousands of fans. But it’s not just her raw talent and other-worldly voice that’s made AURORA cut through the noise. Her unique look and authentic personality have gained her lots of attention too; growing up in the Norwegian mountains with limited internet access or modern resources, Aurora developed her more traditional style and intriguing view of the world. 


Aurora wants to empower “outsiders like me” and has created a community among her fans of those who are ‘suppressed’ in some way, telling NME in 2019: “I’ve always been a big fighter for them, for us...It's very hard to be a human, I want to empower everyone. I want to remind them and myself that we have a lot to offer, there is no use in feeling helpless or feeling small, because you can really offer the world a lot and if everyone knew that, the world could be very wonderful I think.”  

This view on the world comes across in her title track of her 2019 album ‘A Different Kind of Human’ which she claims to be “the most important song I’ve ever written” with words like “This world you live in is not a place for someone like you / Come on, let us take you home”. AURORA describes her music releases as a journey with different stages. Her last album (stage 2) is full of political anthems to empower her listeners: “I wanted people to feel pumped up by it and ready for battle”. Aurora has been vocal about her political passions, speaking out in support of Mental Health awareness and the LGBTQ+ community, telling NME “It’s only emotional politics I’m involved with; the biggest things that I feel are our rights, like love, or having a healthy earth.”


AURORA promises an exciting new album in January, with the latest single, ‘Giving Into The Love’ singing: “I never had the world so why change for it”. It’s clear that Aurora is not one to conform to what’s expected of her - and that’s what makes her and her music so special! 

You can submit your artistic interpretation of Aurora to our creative brief here. We recommend listening to her music whilst you create that extra spark of inspiration!


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