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It’s been a whirlwind 18 months for breakout pop star Mae Muller. By posting her first track “Close” online (written while she was bored on a train), alongside short Rihanna and Frank Ocean covers on Instagram, she first caught the industry’s attention and has been making waves ever since. Who said Instagram was a waste of time?

Releasing her debut EP in 2018 at just 20 years old, Muller cites her experiences as a young woman as the inspiration for her music, from love to heartache, misogyny to female empowerment.


Her story starts off similar to most people her age. She was working at a pub when she realized that “I was just sick of not feeling fulfilled." Having a moment of realization, she told herself "'no-one else is going to do this for you, mate. You've got to either do it or just stop complaining about it,' and that was the turning point for me. The second that happened, it was like tunnel vision, and I felt like, 'OK, I'm in. This is happening.'"

And so it did. Her debut full-length album Chapter 1 was released in 2019 through Capitol Records and was described as “addictive and clever pop songs about dumb boys and the powerful emotions they make us feel” by The Fader. Sounds like our cup of tea.

Supporting the nation’s sweethearts Little Mix on their UK tour and releasing a string of singles in 2020, including so annoying and Therapist, her honest songwriting reflects exactly what is on her mind. With refreshingly raw lyrics like “you don’t need a girlfriend, you just need a therapist” and “happy f*cking birthday, I hope it is the worst day of the year,” Muller isn’t afraid to tell it as it really is. 


Despite comments branding her as a ‘man-hater’, Muller’s turning the phrase “boys will be boys” on its head with her honest brazenness speaking directly to and for her generation. She explains "I find most of my inspiration with just my experiences of being a young female." And she isn’t willing to change for anyone.  

Muller always knew she wanted to perform, “As a child, I loved being the center of attention”. Her idol? “I loved Gwen Stefani when I was younger and realized that’s what I wanted to do and I would force my family to watch things I’ve come up with.”

Receiving praise from all the right places, including Apple Music, The Fader, Paper, and Nylon, is made all the more impressive by the fact that she penned her first song only two years ago. Inspiration for her infectious pop style comes from the likes of Lily Allen, The Chicks, and Florence + The Machine. 


As well as touring with Little Mix, she has also collaborated with One Direction’s Liam Payne and recently created a brand new shoe with PUMA called Mayze. In a move by PUMA to champion women in the music industry, the #MyMazeCrew campaign brought five of Muller’s talented all-female crew into the spotlight. 

With a PUMA campaign and debut album under her belt, and a UK tour coming up, Mae Muller is definitely one to watch in 2022.

Has this got you wanting to jump on the first train and start penning your debut single? Submit a creative writing piece inspired by Mae Muller's new single 'Better Days' here.

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