Get To Know: Robyn J, Lego’s first-ever Kid Creative Director

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“If I am famous, I'm going to make sure I do it the correct way, and just bring everybody else into the light too.” - Robyn J

Robyn J, aka @lilbitsaucy, is the Chicago-based Untitled creator who won our Kid Creative Director challenge in partnerships with Lego. Not only is Robyn multi-talented, but she’s also really inspiring, so we chatted with her to find out more about her. She told us all about her Untitled submission process and her dreams and aspirations for the future. 

Music is Robyn’s biggest passion - she’s inspired by the likes of Doja Cat and Biggie Smalls - but she has lots of other creative interests too: “I like to act, model, dance, sing, and my most favorite thing in the world is to rap. I also enjoy fashion and styling, but I really do like to focus on my music. I also really, really like is sushi, and something that I dislike is... not having sushi!”

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In case you missed it, Untitled gave our community the chance to become Lego’s first creative director and win $10K in value for creative and educational purposes. We asked YOU, the community, to submit videos or pictures to visualize what you're all about, and how you unleash your creativity. It was a great chance for our members to express themselves and share what they thought about the Lego brand.  

But Robyn didn’t hold her breath after submitting her Lego Creative Direction video application, and actually only found out about the opportunity really close to the submission deadline, saying: “So when my Mom presented it to me, I was just like, let's do this! I got these ideas, so let's get it submitted quickly. And let's just try our best. We'll see where this goes.” 

Check out the moment Robyn received the news that she'd won from her mom! 

This open-minded, can-do attitude seems to be something that has helped Robyn in all her creative hustles. Describing how she made her submission video she said: “I decided to go with a 90's theme because I thought that would be cool. I made a TV show interview about… me! My Mom and I went and found outfits - she was just holding the camera the whole time, I was just dragging her everywhere. I did all the editing myself, the styling, I chose the background music. I threw a little bit of rapping in there! It wasn’t a super long process - it was quite difficult, but it was actually very, very fun.” 

Not just a shopping buddy, Robyn’s Mom is one of her biggest inspirations: “Ever since I was little, she was basically just telling me that I can be anything I wanted to be. I always used to say, "I'm going to be on the Ellen show one day, and Ellen's gonna see me." And then my Mom has pushed me for that ever since so I can basically achieve my dreams. So I'm so grateful for her, and I love her so much.” 

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A post shared by Robyn J. Kid Creative Director (@lilbitsaucy)

Robyn totally gets the Instagram and TikTok landscapes and how important they are for self-expression and promotion. When we asked her for her thoughts on using social media platforms to put yourself out there, she said:

“I think that Instagram and TikTok are incredible, because you can take your talents and display them and you're boosting everything by yourself. So when you do blow up, it just is so organic… I actually do think that puts the power back in the young people's hands because that way, I just feel like any kid can do it with any situation that they are in.” 

She went on to tell us how she thought that these social platforms were quite a good leveler for everyone to have a good chance at getting noticed: “Something that I've actually mentioned before in some of my interviews is the issue of so many people being poor. But what I'm showing people is that you can do anything in whatever situation you're in, like, I'll show people how to go and record some of their own music, even if they don't have as much money as others do.” 

When asked about future dreams she said: “I’m going to build on [my rap name] Lil Bit Saucy. I'm going to do shows and then maybe a radio interview type show - but really just expanding on that idea with working with other kid creatives, and just really showcasing the music and myself some more.”

It’s clear there are big things ahead for Robyn, but she wants to make sure this impacts others in a positive way too: “If I am famous, I'm going to make sure I do it the correct way, and just bring everybody else to the light too… I'm just not going to be famous just so everyone can see me, I want to make sure that everyone else feels seen and that I can be a voice for young people.” 

You can find more from the brilliant Robyn J on her Instagram page here.

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