Let them know! How to self promote your talent

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Wanna get your voice heard? Then you’ve got to self-promote. Here’s a beginner's guide for how to build a personal brand and shout about it! 

Put yourself out there

If you want to be good at something, then the best way to start is just by doing it! For example, if you love to sing, then start recording yourself singing and try uploading it to your social media. It’s normal to feel a little nervous to show people what you do to start with, but it’s fundamental to success - imagine if Mabel had only sung in the shower! By uploading your work to a website, Instagram page, YouTube or Tiktok account, you’re creating your own portfolio to represent you and what you do so others can see. Everyone’s got to start somewhere so don’t worry about it being perfect, the important thing is just to start putting yourself out there! 


Share what you’re doing 

Once you’ve got a platform to share your talent, make sure you’re shouting about it! Ask friends and family to share your videos/pictures so that others can see what you do too. Sharing others' creativity is free, but extremely valuable - so don’t be afraid to ask. When you meet new people, make sure to tell them about what you do so that as many people as possible can start to see your work. 


Keep it consistent 

Once you have a community that likes what you do, you’ll want to keep your uploads regular and consistent so that your followers know what to expect. If you’re a singer, maybe you could commit yourself to upload a video once a week, or if you’re an artist, maybe you’ll share a doodle a day to keep everyone engaged. This really helps create habits for your followers and encourages them to keep coming back for more!



Follow the trends

Social trends are trends for a reason: They help to guide us on what everyone wants to see at the present moment. By jumping on the trends that suit your skill, you could fasttrack your success by creating a viral video that is shared loads. If you’ve got the talent and the drive to create, then eventually you’ll get noticed!  


Go for opportunities!

You’ve got to be in it to win it, so make sure you’re putting yourself forward for all the opportunities that come your way. On Untitled, we have loads of real briefs with major brands and artists that can help get you noticed in the creative world. Why not start with our Mabel brief, where we’re asking creators to show us their talents through a video? This could be anything from singing to dancing to drawing to juggling! You can find out more here. 


Be yourself! 

The best way of standing out online is by being yourself - because no one else can be you! In an interview with Talenthouse, major Instagram artist Sophie Tea Art said: “I am guilty of sometimes fixating on certain artists or certain creatives and feeling like, oh God, I'm not doing enough. And then I think, stop it, you are your own magic! If you are your true authentic self online, people can see it and people love it. It doesn't matter how weird you are, just be consistent.” So what are you waiting for? It’s time to let them know.


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