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Rewind to last year and the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, emotions were running high and motivation running low. Capturing how it really feels to be young and in lockdown, 10-18-year-olds from across the country were invited to channel their feelings into some mindful photography for The Photography Movement's Show and Tell exhibition. As expected, the submissions did not disappoint. 

This year Untitled is running a brief with the hashtag #myphotomyfeeling, challenging young creatives to represent how they're feeling in a photo with a chance to have it featured on a billboard campaign. While we hope for your sake the feelings are a tad more positive than last year, if you are seeking some inspiration we have you covered.

Here we have showcased 10 of last year's most captivating submissions that prove a picture really does speak a thousand words.

Dismantled - by Armand, age 10


Hope by Diba, age 10 


Hush by Fynn, age 16


Restrained by Ismas, age 11


A memory by Joseph, age 15


Fenced in by Keira, age 15


Frantic by Olly, age 15


Grounded life by Sophie, age 15


Trapped by Ava, age 17


Free, looking back on living free - by Bradley, age 15. 



Feeling inspired to share your feelings through photography? Hop over to our Show & Tell photography brief to get started.

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