#FlipTheCam: Tips for Self-Filming

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Our creative challenge with singer-songwriter Mabel is all about recording your special talent and whatever makes you stand out, from drawing to dancing to juggling. So, we thought it might be handy to round up some tips to help you film yourself (and show off your greatness to its full potential)! 

First things first: you don’t need the fanciest, most expensive gear to self-shoot. With these small but mighty tricks, you’ll be able to capture your talented self in the best light – literally. 

Use a tripod 

Tripods are key for stability, helping you avoid shaky shots. If you don’t already own or have the budget for one, you can create a makeshift tripod out of books or even a plant pot – just make sure your phone or camera is nice and secure. 

Get your angles right  

Take the time to frame your shot before hitting record, to make sure the camera is at the right level and not off-balance. When filming yourself, a good rule of thumb is to mount your camera just above eye level for the best angle.

Find your light

Lighting. Is. Everything! Natural lighting especially – and the best part is, it’s free. Morning or early afternoon is generally a good time to shoot if you don’t have artificial lighting. Just be sure to face the window, otherwise, you’ll become a silhouette! 

Avoid interruptions 

Try and find a quiet spot where you can record in peace (and if you live with your family, maybe give them a gentle nudge to turn the volume down for a bit...). Remember to put your phone on airplane mode, too, as you don’t want notifications to ruin your filming flow! 

Use the back-facing camera 

If you’re filming on your phone or tablet, using the back-facing camera means you can often shoot in better quality – and also helps you look directly at the lens without getting distracted by your own (lovely) face! 

Do a test run 

There’s nothing worse than nailing your first take, only to find that it didn’t record properly. Before you start filming yourself, do a one-minute test video and play it back to make sure everything records, looks, and sounds ok. Just to be extra sure.  


Ready to get in front of the cam, capturing your most excellent talents? Take a look at our creative challenge in partnership with Mabel for a chance to win AirPods and tour tickets.  

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