Open for Submissions

Show us your skills with Unreal Engine!

We are happy to announce this brand new brief about gaming and programming! We want young creators aged 13 and over to take a lesson with Unreal Engine. Show us your skills!

Creators Selected

Try out creative writing for Fulham FC Foundation

Create a piece of creative writing with a drawing about mental health for Fulham FC Foundation!

Submissions in Review

Create an artwork for the United Nations Verified Campaign #OnlyTogether

Create photos or pieces of original art inspired by the UN's Verified #OnlyTogether campaign!

Submissions in Review

Seeking Kid Creative Director for Kids Creative Studio (Inspired by LEGO® VIDIYO™)

Submit a video or pictures telling us about yourself, how you unleash your creativity, and what you know (or love) about LEGO®.


Design the next hit collectible toy!

Have the opportunity to meet toy inventors and get your creation brought to life, with Mojo Nation and The Design & Technology Association

Creators Selected

Design a t-shirt or vinyl cover for Universal Music

Create artwork for a t-shirt or vinyl record sleeve for a Universal Music band

Creators Selected

Imagine if you were a Cartoon or Avatar, what would you look like?

Reimagine yourself as a cartoon character or avatar, inspired by your favorite personality traits and features

Creators Selected

Design your own personal brand logo

Design a logo that captures your personal brand! Be inspired by your personality, passions and hobbies