Frequently Asked Questions

What is Untitled?

Untitled is a global platform dedicated to supporting, enabling and inspiring the next generation of designers & creators around the world.

What do we do?

Untitled hosts Creative Briefs in partnership with educational organizations like the Design & Technology Association, global brands, agencies and celebrities, providing Young Creators a new way to develop their creative skills and portfolio through real-world experiences.

We’re also working on a bunch of other learning and teaching resources that will further support Young Creators in developing their creative skills.

Who can use Untitled?

Untitled is for Creators aged 7-18 years old, Educators and Parents all around the world – everyone who wants to inspire young people to develop their creative skills and thinking.

What are Creative Briefs and who can get involved?

Creative Briefs are real-world briefs, hosted by ​educational organizations, global brands, agencies,and celebrities, and are free for all Creators aged 7-18 years old to enter. The briefs give Young Creators opportunities to learn something, or expand their existing creative skills – any Young Creators or any skill level can get involved!

Only​ Young Creators can submit their work to Creative Briefs, but Educators and Parents can use them as a tool to help in the classroom or home school.

How do I submit my work to a Creative Brief?

Young Creators should create a Untitled account. If you’re under the age of digital consent, you’ll need your parent’s permission to create your account and participate in Creative Briefs.

Once your account is created, you can look at the Creative Briefs, develop your work, and when you’re ready, click the orange ‘Submit’ button, to upload your artwork and a Permission Agreement signed by a Parent/Legal Guardian. And you’re done!

How can work be used?

The Creative Brief Sponsor and Untitled may share the work you submit online (websites and social media), but be sure to check the Guidelines on the brief for full details.

Can I delete my submission?

Of course, at any time you can remove work you’ve submitted. Just go to the Creative Brief, click on your work and click ‘Delete’ from the drop down in the top right corner.

How are Selected Creators chosen and what will they receive?

Each Creative Brief has a Sponsor – with a judging panel, who review all submitted work, and decide what pieces of creative are chosen as the Selected Creator to receive the incentive, based on which work best meets the brief.

How often is content on Untitled updated?

We’re continually launching new Creative Briefs, and in September we’ll be launching a new section, ​Discover​ – there will be loads of resources to help learn and improve creative skills.

I’ve lost my password. What do I do?

Don’t worry! Go to the Untitled ​log in page​, click ‘Lost your password?’ and follow the instructions. Still can’t get in? Email us at

Can I share my work on social media?

Yes, you can use any of the work you create or submit for school, in your creative portfolio or on your social media – wherever you like.

How do I know if I’ve been chosen as a Selected Creators, and how do I get my incentive?

Our Untitled Community Team will email the Selected Creator, or their Parent/Legal Guardian to let them know. We’ll then ask you or your Parent/Legal Guardian to provide some extra information for us to check your identity, and then we’ll arrange delivery or fulfilment of your incentive.

I’m a Teacher, how can I best use Untitled?

Any type of educator is welcome to use Untitled as a teaching resource. Simply create an ‘Educator’ account, and start using our Creative Briefs and other educational resources in your lesson plans, as homework tasks, or as fun extracurricular creative work.

Young Creators will gain unique, real-world experiences, helping them put theory into practice, supporting their studies and developing a portfolio for further education or the workplace.

Untitled incentives are designed to help Young Creators develop their creative skills even futhers, through access to technology, unique experience, creative materials, amongst others! Encourage your students to submit their own work to the Creative Brief to be in with a chance of being selected to receive the incentive.

How is Untitled safe for my child?

Untitled is designed to provide Young Creators all around the world a safe, creative space. For this reason, Young Creators below the age of digital consent in the country they live need permission from a Parent/Legal Guardian to create a Untitled account, and access some of features on Untitled, e.g. submit work to Creative Briefs, edit their account biography.

Young Creator accounts are hosted by ​SuperAwesome​, an industry-specialist who stores Young Creator data to a GDPR and COPPA compliant standard. Log into your SuperAwesome account to edit your child’s permissions. For more information, check out our Terms & Conditions​ and Privacy Policy​.

To ensure full transparency of each Creative Brief’s incentive and how the submitted work might be used, we required each submission to include a Permission Agreement, signed by a Young Creator’s Parent/Legal Guardian. The Permission Agreement details the incentive and how the Sponsor may use submitted or Selected work. You’ll also find a summary of this in the ‘Info for Parents/Legal Guardians’ section of every Creative Brief.

My child is creating an account as a Young Creator. Why am I asked to share my credit card details?

If a Young Creator is below the age of digital consent, they require a Parent or Legal Guardian to agree to the site Term & Conditions on their behalf, and provide permission for you child to interact with areas of Untitled like submitting to a Creative Brief.

To ensure child data protection and security, we’ve partnered with SuperAwesome. When your child sets up an account on Untitled, you’ll receive an email asking you to grant permission for them to use the platform. This process will ask you to enter either credit card details or a Government ID to verify that you are an adult. Your card will charged 30p which is refunded within 7 days. Once you’ve completed this, you child can log in and start getting creative!

If you have issues completing the parent verification process then please raise a support ticket with SuperAwesome.

Did we answer all your questions? If not, drop us an email at