Anne Crump

King’s School, Chester, Cheshire, UK

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Originally educated in Cheshire, I was one of the first cohorts to study A Level ‘CDT’ back in the 80s. I progressed to Lancaster University and gained a degree in Marketing which presented the opportunity to work for two years in London for Britvic Corona.

After a period of travel and reflection, I realised that my passion was for all things DT and gained my PGCE from Loughborough University after cancelling my honeymoon to complete the course! Twelve schools and three countries later, I have returned to my roots to the county city of Chester.

Picture of Anne Crump

School & Achievements

Design and Technology is like no other for fully engaging students in so many competencies. The opportunity to critically analyse products, to generate creative concepts, to interact with materials and reflect on learning is second to none.

Over the time I have been teaching, numerous ex-students have contacted me saying how useful the subject has been in their career. From the physiotherapist producing support splints, the surgeon possessing the dexterity to operate through to the very many following their design and engineering careers applying core knowledge on a daily basis, it is hugely rewarding to see the positive impact that DT has had on their diverse lives.

Special Projects

Working at Marlborough College Malaysia often meant having to be very flexible in my approach to teaching owing to frequent power cuts and limited availability of resources. This brought unique challenges especially in producing quality outcomes for GCSE projects. Developing a lighting brief, I encouraged pupils to think sustainably in considering materials which proved to be highly successful.

Two pupils proved to fully embrace this concept with one bringing back a length of giant bamboo from Indonesia and another finding some excellent hardwood discarded in a builders skip (after first having to check for snakes!).

Picture of 3D rendered lamp parts