Louise Glover

Emmanuel College, North East of England

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Hello, my name is Louise Glover and I teach in the North East of England. I am based in a large Secondary school, called Emmanuel College, teaching students aged 11-18.

I am passionate about ensuring that students, and teachers, in the North East have access to opportunities and experiences that help to improve their outlook and prospects and have worked on several projects to improve accessibility of provisions to the area.

When away from school, I like to run and I also have a black belt in Karate. I have a young daughter who keeps me very busy and we enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors and exploring. When we have any spare time, we can be found discovering different National Trust estates and admiring the Engineering and Architecture in the numerous properties.

Picture of Louise Glover

I have taught solely at Emmanuel College for ten year. My specialist areas within Design and Technology are Food and Electronics; I have enjoyed teaching two very diverse sides of the curriculum and it has allowed me to be involved with a great deal of experiences with my students.

Alongside my subject, I have also taken a keen interest in assessment, completing my MSc in Educational Assessment early on in my career. Over the last ten year, I have been heavily involved with extracurricular work, mainly in the form of competitions.

With a large number of students we have entered F1 in Schools, VEX, The Big Bang Competition, NSEC Awards and the Crest awards along with numerous others. Through competition work I have visited Singapore, attended Silverstone GP and visited the Pits on numerous occasions, had a tour of Wimbledon, toured the Red Bull F1 team Headquarters alongside many other events.

These opportunities have really helped to ignite my passion for Design and Technology. I have had the privilege of seeing so many students really excited by Engineering in these real world cases and the work we have done together has had a massive effect on their lives and career paths. I believe that no other subject can come alive like this and I feel honoured to teach the subject that I do.

School & Achievements

Our school has a large catchment area, which spans a wide range of both Gateshead and Newcastle. This is quite unique and does ensure that we have a diverse range of students entering school each year. We are heavily oversubscribed and head up a growing MAT, with two more schools joining us last year.

I work in a large Design and Technology department, with a diverse range of colleagues. A large percentage of them have previously worked in Industry, therefore have a vast amount of experience to bring to the department. I have enjoyed learning from them and gaining from the knowledge they can impart, to both me and the students.

For the last eight year, I have run the Food department and helped steer its new direction within school. We are lucky to have a very large cohort of GCSE students each year and work very hard to achieve over 95% grade 4 and above each year. We have traditionally focused on Electronics and Resistant Materials as specialisms for students; however with the changes brought by the new GCSE we have enjoyed introducing Paper and Board along with Textiles into our repertoire.

Special Projects

When looking back over the work I have produced with students, it has to be the collection of competition work that I am most proud of. Within F1 in Schools, we made it to the National Final every year and three World Finals. In 2017, we were crowned UK National winners, which was an amazing achievement.

Whilst attending the World Finals in Malaysia and Singapore, five of my students were selected to be part of the prestigious Randstad Williams F1 Academy. This involved the Williams F1 team selecting the ten best Engineering students from around the world and working with them for five year. I was very proud to see the students achieve this and be rewarded for their hard work and dedication. We finished 7th in the World overall, along with winning the Verbal Presentation award, demonstrating the hard work and dedication of the students.

Picture of special project stand

Another highlight was a student being awarded the Young Engineer of the Year award at the National Big Bang Fair. She showcased her project, a specialised baby monitor that tracked breathing rate and temperature to try and prevent cot death, to VIPs and Engineer’s over a two day competition, to be awarded the prestigious honour. The event is a wonderful amalgamation of talent from across the UK, allowing Industry and schools to meet and really promote STEM.

It was a privilege to attend for several years, taking between 12-16 students each year to compete. In 2016, I was also awarded the Young Engineer STEM Leader of the Year, which was a nice addition to the schools growing trophy cabinet!