Safinah Hassan

City of Norwich School-an Ormiston Academy, Norfolk UK

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I am Safinah Hassan, I work currently at City of Norwich School-an Ormiston Academy in Norfolk. I am a specialist Design and Technology teacher with nearly 14 years’ experience, working in comprehensive schools ages ranging from 11 to 18 years old. I not only have teaching experience in a large comprehensive school but also experience in exam marking and moderating for GCSE and A level Design Technology.

Both of my employments intertwine and allow for delivery of above and beyond content to my students, allowing them to reach above their targets. I became a teacher because It was in line with my ethos of inspire and raise aspirations of young people.

Picture of Safinah Hassan

Design and Technology is my passion and believe that through inspirational creativity and innovation any design problem can be solved, through guidance of young people I am able to help express and in-still problem solving techniques which can be applied to unique solutions around the world. Passing on my teaching methods flows from guiding students to mentoring fellow colleges with less experience where they are able to pass on the passion to students, being able to get students engaged in my work where they aspire to solve problems within the world is one of the most rewarding aspects of my career.

Within the time designated at work, I continue to work passed closing time to ensure each students gets the specialist advice on their work which is unique to their problems and phrased in a way where I know the student be fuelled to reach the goals set by themselves.

I am in the 9th year in my current school and thoroughly enjoy the role of a teacher of Design and Technology as I can run several projects along side of teaching. I have been involved in several STEM and co-curricular activities and love how proud, enthusiastic, and innovative students get with their projects.

City of Norwich School is an established over subscribed school that is part of the Norwich community. Students from the school have taken part in the Rotary competition and won two years running, also girls took part in the female led RAF camouflaged learning to encourage girls into engineering pathways, they were successful in winning: the students particular enjoyed the VIP guided tour of RAF Marham base. Most recently we have had two winners in the East category for the Leaders award which has been a rewarding and exciting opportunity for the students involved.

School & Achievements

As a school we have always been looking to develop and improve our curriculum to meet today’s needs and industry. Currently we are in the process of redesigning our KS3 curriculum with sustainability at its core and creating units of learning to meet the demands of current technologies and events.

For example, exploring bamboo as building material for housing or solving structural problems used in the Warka water towers globally. Students are keen and interested in current events and can relate Design and Technology to solving daily problems and building a more sustainable and adapting method of working and living.

Special Projects

I am particularly proud of starting and running the Greenpower electric car challenge. The students (year 9) worked tirelessly from fund raising to construction of the project with the support of parents and staff to achieve an outstanding team project. The student team had won a collective trophy based of the F24 vehicle designs, carrying on the success in completing at least 16 laps of the Lotus racing track in Hethal!

The students attended workshops at the Aston Martin branch in Long Stratton with a focal point on the manufacture of the Aston Martin F1 and sporting vehicles range. The links and work with industry have had a profound impact on students regardless of the project from young leaders award to Army bitesize and am particularly pleased that students can build their confidence, self-esteem and leadership qualities through working with industry.