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Design the next hit collectible toy!


Good news, you've got more time to develop and submit your designs! We've extended the submission period by 3 weeks so the new deadline is April 14, 2021.

1. Please start by logging in to your 'Young Creator' account!

2. Carefully read this creative brief and develop your artwork

3. When you're ready, click 'Submit' to upload your work and your signed Permission Agreement

4. When the brief closes, Untitled will review all submissions and announce the Selected Creators

  • Design a toy, or a range of toys that are really collectable.
  • Use your imagination to create a new toy for kids aged 6 and up.
  • Think creatively and get inspired by your favourite interests or hobbies. What would you love to collect yourself?

  • Think about the psychology behind your game design and explain the real-life context in a short summary.
  • Your submission should include:
    • Your collectable toy idea
    • The packaging you would use (think about the fun of ripping open the box of a new toy!)
    • Tell us about your inspiration for your idea, how is it collectable and why it would appeal to the target audience
    • A signed Permission Agreement

    • You can draw your toy and packaging designs by hand or digitally (i.e. using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or ProCreate), make a 3D model (using software such as Tinkercad, Blender or Meshmixer), or construct it in cardboard, balsa, modelling clay or foam and submit a photo! Your description should be written in English.
    • Be sure to annotate your toy designs to tell us about the different parts and what materials are used. This could be submitted as a digital presentation board, video or even an animation.

    • Submit your designs by Wednesday, April 14 2021, 5pm GMT

    • Untitled will contact Selected Creators by Monday, May 3

    • Selected Creators will be announced on Wednesday, May 12

    All times are in London local time. Use this time zone converter to see what time this is for you.


    Mojo Nation and The Design & Technology Association will review all submissions, and choose at least 5 ideas as the Selected Creators.

    Each Selected Creator will receive a pair of tickets to attend an exclusive event for you or your parent/legal guardian to pitch your toy idea to a panel of brands who may wish to purchase and produce your idea. You and your parent/legal guardian will be able to attend in person or virtually.

    We'll keep your toy idea top secret, so no need to worry, your submission will not be visible on the Untitled site, or shared anywhere online by Untitled, Mojo Nation or The Design & Technology Association.

    SPONSOR : The Design & Technology Association and MOJO NATION

    The Design & Technology Association for schools is partnering with Mojo Nation, a creative platform dedicated to toy design and accelerating opportunities for inventors of all levels. Whether it’s through pitching events, student days or the site’s interviews with toy design royalty, Mojo Nation is here to champion the toy industry’s creative backbone and ensure the greatest ideas don’t just stay ideas.

    With support from The Design & Technology Association the aim of this project is to develop students design and making skills, problem-solving and innovation in this exciting area of the design industry.

    • Who can submit? Anyone aged 11-18 with a Young Creator account. You may need parent permission.
    • How do I submit? At the top of this page, click 'Submit', and upload your work as a JPEG or PNG. If you created a hand-drawn piece of work, upload a photo of it. For video, submissions must be in MP4 format. All files must be max. size 10 MB. You can submit up to 15 times.
    • What do I need to submit? Work created by you (please don't submit anyone else's work, including friends, adults or images you found online).
    • What should my submission include? Your work, and the Permission Agreement signed by your parent or legal guardian. We may contact you or your patent if this is missing. Both items are required for a submission to be complete.

    • You can use the work you submit any way you like including school and in your creative portfolio.
    • If you are a Selected Creator, you will receive a ticket to attend an exclusive event for you or your Parent/Legal Guardian will pitch your toy idea to a panel of brands who may wish you purchase and produce your idea. In person or virtual attendance will be possible.

    • Make sure the email address on your Untitled profile is correct (this will be yours or your Parent/Guardian's) so we can contact you about incomplete submissions or if you are a Selected Creator.

    • Due to the new ideas creators will submit to this brief, we'll keep all submissions hidden on Untitled, and announce the Selected Creators be their Display Names.

    • Please respond to Untitled emails within 72 hours. If we don't hear back from you or your Parent/Legal Guardian, you will forfeit the incentive detailed in 'The Opportunity'.

    • Untitled may remove any inappropriate, offensive and harmful submissions from anywhere on the Untitled platform.

    • View the full Official Rules for this Creative Brief. Only Young Creators can participate in this Creative Brief.
    • Submissions must include: your child's work and the Permission Agreement signed by a Parent/Legal Guardian.

    • If your child is chosen as a Selected Creator, Untitled will email the Young Creator or the Parent/Legal Guardian to notify them and arrange prize fulfilment.
    • If you have more questions, contact us at hello@untitledbytlnt.com.