Win gig tickets and AirPods by recording your talents for Mabel!

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February 14, 2022
Mabel and her team have been busy making music and need a bit more time to make their decision! For this reason we have postponed the Selected Creator announcement until Monday, February 14th, 2022. Thank you for your patience!

Record your greatest talent for Mabel and win Airpods!

Mabel has asked to see your individual talent and what makes you stand out!

The lowdown: Record a video of you showing off your best talent or favourite thing about yourself for Mabel. Your talent might be dancing, singing, drawing, acting... whatever makes you, you.

How to submit: Sign up to Untitled and then submit here!

The prizes: 2x winners will be chosen by Mabel and her team and win Airpods, with the chance to bag tickets to Mabel's next tour.

3x runners up will also be chosen to receive £30 of vouchers for the Apple App and iTunes store.

This is all to celebrate Mabel's single 'Let Them Know', which is about being yourself and standing out, and not being afraid to take up space.

  • You must be aged 13 - 18 to participate in this brief as the entries will be shown on social media.

  • Please make sure you are happy to have your work made public on our social channels (Instagram + Twitter) before entering.

  • Before starting your creative brief please watch some of Mabel's music videos and interviews to get a better sense of her aesthetic, humour and the issues that are important to her.

  • Please upload your video as an .MP4 or .MOV file. It must be no bigger than 10MB.


  • Do be daring and adventurous with your submissions - there are no wrong/bad ideas!

  • Do follow Mabel on socials (see links below) to be part of an exciting, creative community.

  • Do follow us on Untitled to be part of a growing creative community.

  • Do share this with your school, teachers, friends and family and spread the word!

  • Don’t be shy about showing off your skills - it’s how you get noticed!
  • DO NOT send in anything that’s not school-appropriate and positive. Any submissions with sex, nudity, drug-taking, heavy/sexual swearing, violence, gore, bullying, saying nasty things about someone, or pranking anyone will be immediately discarded from the competition and for safeguarding reasons, we will have to forward them to your school/parents/college.

  • DO NOT send in any videos of a friend/peer doing something without them knowing they are being recorded. Even if you think you are doing them a favour by showcasing their talent, you must have their permission to record. Recording someone without their knowledge is illegal. If you are filming your friends and family they will need to complete and sign this Release Form to give you permission for the recording.

  • Don’t submit if you are under-13 as you need to be legally allowed to go on social media platforms and lots of the work will be uploaded on socials. Don’t worry if you are a younger creator, we have other briefs for you! Please check out our creative brief for Aurora.


2 submissions will be chosen by Mabel and her team at Universal Music Group as Selected Young Creators, and each will:

  • receive a pair of Apple AirPods!

  • receive massive props and have their skills shared on Mabel’s socials.

  • receive tickets to Mabel's next tour!

  • have their work posted on Untitled social channels.

3 submissions will also be chosen by Mabel and her team Universal Music Group as Finalists, and each will:

  • receive a £30 voucher for iTunes.

  • have their work posted on Untitled social channels.

  1. Please start by logging in to your 'Young Creator' account!

  2. Make sure you've addressed all the key points on the Creative Brief.

  3. When you're ready, click 'Submit' to upload your work and your signed Permission Agreement if needed. You can either print and sign the agreement, uploading it as a photograph or scan. Or if you do not have access to a printer you can visit a free pdf editor online, sign the agreement there, and save it as a pdf before uploading it to our website.

When the brief closes for creator selection on Tuesday, January, 11th 2022, Mabel and her team will review all submissions to date and announce the Final Selected Creators.

Having problems submitting? Drop us a line at and our team will help you.

Launch: Tuesday, October 5th, 2021

Submit your work by Tuesday, January, 11th 2022 at 5pm

Selected Creator announcement: Monday, January 31st, 2022

All times are in London local time. Use this time zone converter to see what time this is for you.

"Hi there! I’m Mabel and in support of my hit single, Let Them Know, which is all about being assertive and taking up space - I want to know about you! What are your special talents and skills? Just record yourself showing us your skills, and let us know who you are. I can’t wait to share loads of the entries and pick the eventual winner!"

An effortless storyteller with a pure and unfiltered singing talent and songwriting ability, Mabel McVey has an instinctive gift of melody far beyond her twenty two years. She made quite the impression since bursting onto the scene in September 2015 with her release ‘Know Me Better’. For Mabel, ultimately everything goes back to those early roots: a child of the golden-age of noughties r’n’b, who harnesses the energy of her idols Beyonce circa Destiny’s Child, as well the vocal stylings of musical legends like Stevie Wonder and Minnie Ripperton. She is currently signed to Polydor which is part of Universal Music Group.

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  • Who can submit? Anyone aged 13 -18 with a Young Creator account.

  • What do I need to submit? Please upload your video as an .MP4 or .MOV file. It must be no bigger than 10MB and created by you (please don't submit anyone else's work, including friends, adults or images you found online).

  • What should my submission include? Your work and the Permission Agreement signed by your parent or legal guardian. We may contact you or your parents if this is missing. Both items are required for a submission to be complete.

  • You can use the work you submit any way you like including school and in your creative portfolio.

  • How do I submit? At the top of this page, click 'Submit', and upload your work as a MP4 or MOV. All files must be max. size 10 MB. You can submit up to 15 times.

  • Once the creative brief closes, Untitled will review all complete submissions and choose the Selected Creators. A complete submission includes your work, signed Permission Agreement, meets the creative brief, terms & conditions and Official Rules.

  • Selected Creators agree to allow Untitled to use their design across online and social channels (this is an exclusive, worldwide, digital and social license).

  • Make sure the email address on your Untitled profile is correct (this will be yours or your parent/guardian's) so we can contact you about incomplete submissions or if you are a Selected Creator.

  • All complete submissions will become visible on Untitled when Selected Creators are announced. At this time, your submission and your Untitled display name will be visible to the Untitled community.

  • Please respond to Untitled emails from within 72 hours. If we don't hear back from you or your parent/legal guardian, you will forfeit the incentive detailed in 'The Opportunity'.

  • Untitled may remove any inappropriate, offensive and harmful submissions from anywhere on the Untitled platform.

  • View the full Official Rules for this creative brief. Only Young Creators can participate in this creative brief.

  • Submissions must include: your child's work and the Permission Agreement signed by a parent/legal guardian. You can either print and sign the agreement, uploading it as a photograph or scan. Or if you do not have access to a printer you can visit a free pdf editor online, sign the agreement there and save it as a pdf before uploading it to our website.

  • If your child is chosen as a Selected Creator, Untitled will email the Young Creator or the parent/legal guardian to notify them.

  • If you have more questions, contact us at