Who is Creative Generation?

Creative Generation is an international organization that works to inspire, connect, and amplify the work of young creatives who catalyze social change and those who are committed to cultivating their creativity. They connect research, education, creative practice, and social change to support the creative development of young people and the professional development of artists and educators. Learn more at www.Creative-Generation.org .

Creativity for Good

One of Creative Generation’s four key programs is the Campaign for a Creative Generation. Each year, the campaign designates a theme – 2021’s theme is Creativity for Good. This campaign amplifies the voices, experiences, and work of young creatives applying their creativity for the social good.

Untitled is proudly partnering with Creative Generation and Creativity for Good

Untitled has partnered with Creative Generation as a leader in understanding creativity and the creative development of youth. Along with its collaborators around the United States, Creative Generation will expand Untitled’s opportunities for young people to learn and create on the platform while supporting American educators with the tools and resources necessary to support the artistic expression and creative development of their students.

This partnership allows young creatives and educators to connect their practices to social causes and important brands while supporting their learning through appropriate pedagogical structures.

The next generation’s creativity is the key to the future innovation and problem solving needed for communities and societies to address unforeseen challenges. By honing creative skills and applying them to education, work, and social good, young creatives become central to our shared future. I am thrilled about this partnership and the shared dedication to supporting young creatives, educators, and artists on their journeys applying their creativity for good.

Jeff M. Poulin, Founder and Managing Director, Creative Generation